Las Vegas ROI Investment Homes Calculator

Las Vegas Homes and ROI

We are very excited to show off our brand new ROI calculator for Las Vegas Investment Properties. This is a very useful tool to quickly figure what a property will return as a Las Vegas rental property.

It is very simple to use. First enter your purchase price of the property. Next enter the amount of the down payment you will put down. Typical down payments on Las Vegas Investment properties are 25% down that will required. If you are going to pay cash for the property, just simply enter 100%. Mortgage rates have been in the mid 4’s to 5’s lately depending on credit of course.

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On the taxes and the hoa fees, you will find them on the details page of the property as shown here in the picture. It automatically will calculate the yearly total for these fees. Please note some communities could have additional fees such as a master planned  community and/or SID/LID’s.

As far as the monthly rent’s, typical rents for a home in Las Vegas can run on average, 100 to 1200 per month for a 3 bedroom, 1500 sq ft home. Depending on the area of town, it can vary. Please contact us for a more detailed idea if you find a property you like. We can provide a detailed report of properties that have closed and the active properties that will be your competition.

Once you click calculate, it estimates your cash invested depending on your down payment. It will estimate the combined HOA and Taxes on a yearly basis. It will give you an estimated payment  for principal and interest, calculate the yearly cost of the loan and add it to the hoa’s, taxes, management fees for a total of the expenses.

The management fees are estimated if you were to use our team for the management of your Las Vegas Investment property. We will charge the first months rent and 8% there after. So a property that rents for 1000 per month will be charged $1000 plus 8% of 1000 ($80 per month *12) for the remaining 12 months 960.00.

Please contact Las Vegas Realtor Jeff Mix if you are interested in purchasing Las Vegas investment properties.

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