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Jeff and Lee Ann Mix are a dynamic team in Las Vegas Real Estate and would love to be your Las Vegas RealtorAs successful Las Vegas Realtors, they are very dedicated to their clients and put heart and pride into each and every deal. Their years of experience with both Buyers and Sellers give them a unique perspective and the understanding it takes to work with short sale situations and find the perfect Las Vegas Homes.

Jeff and Lee Ann are diligent about changing with the market and being at the top of their field. They have formed relationships with several top producing Las Vegas Homes websites that aid them in keeping a large database of buyers, as well as keeping their listed Las Vegas Homes in front of some of the best Las Vegas Realtors.

Jeff and Lee Ann are “real” people, who understand the difficult financial times we are in. With a record number of foreclosures in Las Vegas and Henderson, they are striving to be able to assist those homeowners in either keeping their home, or working with the lender to accept a  Las Vegas short sale. If you have questions about  Las Vegas Homes or would like to hear more about the Las Vegas short sales  and the short sale process, contact Jeff and Lee Ann Mix today for a no obligation consultation to explore your options.

Jeff and Lee Ann Mix

Orange Realty Group

8460 S. Eastern Ave St. C

Las Vegas, NV. 89123

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Bryan Huang says:

    Hello Jeff and Lee Ann,

    I am looking for some Rental Properties in Las Vegas. I am not sure if you might be able to help us.

    We would be interested in both single family homes (under $60,000) and condos (under $40,000). Lower price is always preferable as we are considering buy several units. The property should not require major restoration but cosmetic fix should be fine for us.

    We will in Vegas this week and would appreciate if you can send us a list of properties that you can show us during the week.

    Many thanks and Best Regards!

    Bryan Huang

  2. Daniel Dillard says:

    Hello, I was just looking at your listings on Realtor.com. I have been pondering getting a 2nd home out there in Vegas. I currently live in San Diego but have always wanted a home in that area. Can you just briefly explain the market out there? My budget is in the $100K to $150K and it just seems that the homes in this range in the decent areas go immediately pending or contingent. Is it possible to find a good one? Does one need to make dozens of offers before they finally get a property? Just curious. I’m not a realtor but have a little background in Real Estate as I own apartment buildings here in San Diego. Thank you. Daniel Dillard. from San Diego.

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